GermanCheerOpen - Open Cheer Competitions Serie

Save the dates. You can enter the first dates for our championships in 2022 in your calendar.

After we can only hold one championship in 2021 (we keep our fingers crossed for the GCM) we will start again in 2022.

So that you can plan your year in good time, we have already set most of the dates for you. Also on the schedule is the ECM as an OpenAir event in Magdeburg.

4.6. - EuroCheerMasters 2022 - Magdeburg [Link]

18.6. - SummerCheerMasters 2022 - Koblenz [Link]

9.7. - BayernCheerMasters 2022 - Nuremberg [Link]

3.12. - GermanCheerMasters 2022 - Lemgo [Link]

There are currently two more championships in planning. The Nfinity ChampionsLeague and the BaWü CheerMasters.

We will be happy to inform you of the locations and dates as soon as possible.


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