Covid-19 updates highlights

Covid-19 updates

Current information on the 2020 winter championships

Definition of the implementation concept for the GermanCheerMasters 2020 and postponement of the NFINTIY League of Champions to 2021

As part of the preparation for the championship, we created three different scenarios for the implementation of the championship.
Both implementation B and C would have been possible. That's why we started a survey under which scenarios the clubs would start.
We received more than 150 feedbacks in the survey. Thanks a lot for this.

The result is relatively clear. More than 75% were in favor of version C.
For this reason, regardless of how the situation changes, we will hold the GermanCheerMasters 2020 in scenario C.

It looks like this.

The participants / teams take up their routine on site. Our video app ensures that each routine can only be filmed once.
The routine videos are cut into a video format and published via a stream.
Here, too, the jury's assessment takes place when the stream is published.

This has the following advantages for you:
- no unnecessary contacts
- no travel expenses
- reduced entry fees compared to normal championships
- you are free to choose where you want to start your routine (in training, outdoors, you rent a hall ...)
- Low financial risk when withdrawing compared to normal championships
- All categories are offered. Dance double / team, cheer teams, as well as individual, group stunt, partner stunt.

There are also the following changes

- Classification only according to performance level (no longer according to age)
- no requirement for the floor (you can use whatever you train on)

The online appointment is December 13, 2020

Record Week is from December 3rd to 10th, 2020

are now possible [register now]

The registration deadline is October 30, 2020

Current status (September 21)
- BaWü CheerMasters -> Scenario C
- GermanCheerMasters -> Scenario C -> new date
- Nfinity LeagueOfChampions -> postponed 2021


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