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Pademie presents us with completely new challenges at championships.

The health of the participants and spectators is our top priority. On the other hand, of course, we would also like to enable everyone to have a nice, carefree championship with as few restrictions as possible. For this reason it is a balancing act for us to find a perfect solution. This will certainly not exist, but we will do our best to do justice to everyone as far as possible.

So please understand if this year it's taking a little longer than usual at one point or another.

planning security
Planning security is important for all participants, spectators and us as organizers.
As we know from the past few months, these are unfortunately not 100%. The legal requirements and framework conditions will certainly be adapted to the current pandemic situation more often before the event.

In order to have a certain level of security, we are deliberately making our rules stricter than in some federal states.
This also gives us leeway if the measures are tightened again. The regulations in NRW count for us.

The 3G-Plus rule applies here. This means that only those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered, or people with a current negative PCR test have access to the event.
Self-, quick-, self-test are not accepted.
There is no limit to the number of viewers.

The 3G rule applies to all coaches, accompanying persons and participants. For students, a student ID is currently valid as proof of the test. (in the federal states where testing is carried out regularly).

Mask requirement
Masks are compulsory for everyone in the hall. Exceptions at the seat, when consuming food and drinks, as well as during performances.

Cold / Symptoms
People with typical corona symptoms also have no access to the event. We appeal to everyone's common sense to ensure the highest possible level of safety for everyone.

NFINTY League of Champions

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