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December 13, 2020 (broadcast date)

Offline meets online

The championship is carried out as online CheerMasters. The teams record their routines at home using our video app.
All videos will be compiled into a video format, which will be broadcast on our YouTube channel on December 13th.


The championship is in our [implementation concept] C performed.
Why Concept C. Both Concept B and C would have been possible. In a survey among teams, version C was clearly the favorite.
We respect the wishes of the teams and have therefore opted for version C this year.


You can now register for the championship. [Register now]

Entry fees

The entry fees are charged at a flat rate per team.
Team 75 EUR / team
Group stunt 35 EUR / team
DoubleDance, partner stunt / individual 20 EUR / team

Rules / categories

Since no age control can be carried out for admission on site, there is no subdivision of the categories into an age grid with the onlineCheerMasters.
The subdivision is made exclusively according to performance level.

Cheer categories
AllGirl Level 0 - Level 6 - Team / Group stunt
Coed Level 3 - Level 6 - Team / Group stunt

Dance categories
HipHop team / double
FreeStyle Team / Double
Jazz Dance Team / Double

Special categories
EuroCheer Level 1 - Level 6
Individual level 4 and level 6
Coed partner stunt level 6

Prize money

1st - 3rd place trophies (these will be sent to you)


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