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FAQ - onlineCheerMasters

The onlineCheerMasters is a new format and there are sure to be some questions from you.

On this page we have put together the most frequently asked questions. If your question has not yet been answered, you are welcome to send us an email with your question.

What is Record Week?
The record week is the period in which you can record your routine with the video app. have to.
Which day you take of it remains free.

Do I have to use the video app?
Yes, the app can only be used to ensure that a video can only be recorded once.

How long do I have time to record?
There are a total of two times that you have to observe. Once the maximum duration of the routine and then the recording time you have to record the routine.
If the recording time is exceeded, the video is not valid. The recording time is always routine time + 15sec.

When is the time measured?
As soon as the record button is pressed in the video app, up to the point in time until the recording is ended with the Use button.

What kind of floor do I have to perform on?
Since every team has different requirements, there are no specifications here.

Are the soil conditions on site taken into account in the assessment?
No. Very few teams have a full spring floor available for training.

Does the app cost anything?
No, the app is free of charge for all starters.

Does the app run on Android devices?
No, you need an iphone or ipad with at least iOS 13


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