onlineCheerMasters (oCM)

The new onlineCheerMasters series will be available from autumn.

Since it is currently impossible to predict when we will be able to hold "normal" championships again, we have developed a new championship format.

The whole thing looks like this:
With a special app you can film your training program within a week (Record Week) and send it to us.
Very important! There is only one attempt, as in a normal championship.

All programs sent in will then be published in a stream on our YouTube channel (championship date) and only then evaluated live by our jury.
In principle, the CCA rules will apply. However, since age control is not possible, there will be no age classification, only a level classification.
Otherwise you only need an iOS or Android device and an internet connection for the app. The final set of rules for the oCM is currently being completed.
Entry fees
The entry fees are charged at a flat rate per team / starter. There is no billing by person.
Team categories EUR 75
Group stunt 35 EUR
Partner stunt, doubles, invidiviuals 20 EUR
Fan feeling
Of course this format is different from the normal championships, but you can, for example, invite your fans to the performance. Meetings of this size are certainly possible faster than large events.
- Legends-of-Cheersport (group stunt / part stunt / individuals / doubledance)
- BaWü CheerMasters 2020 (all categories)


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