On this page we would like to give you the most important questions and answers (FAQ) about the onlineCheerStuntLeague .

If this does not answer your questions, you can of course send us an email at any time.

How many times can I record a video?
For each championship day only ONE video can be recorded with the app.

Why is it only subdivided by level and not by age?
Since the recordings are made on site, we cannot check the age of the participants.
To keep this as simple as possible, the subdivision is only made according to level and gender (AllGirl / Coed)

Can I change the level / category during the season?
No, you have to stay in the level in which you registered.

Do I always have to show the same routine?
No, as long as you stay in your level, you can change the routine.

Can I register active participants later?
No. When registering, 7 people (without a coach) must / can be specified. These can be used as required during the season.
Late registration is not possible.

I only have an Android smartphone / tablet. Can I use that too?
No. The app is currently only available on iOS devices

Does the recording have to be done in a hall?
No. If you are currently unable to use a hall, for example, you can also take the picture outdoors.


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