oCSL app

oCSL app

As a participant in the onlineCheerStuntLeague you will receive an app from us. (by email)

With this app you have to send us your videos of the routines.
The app ensures that each routine can only be recorded once.
Multiple exposures and thus trying until you have the best routine are not possible.

Technical requirement
To use the app you need an iOS smartphone or tablet and active internet access.
Depending on the connection, the transmission of the video takes time. However, you can only transfer the video later, for example if you have WLAN access.

The oCSL app
You need special software for the app to work. This is called Filemaker Go and can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store.
After you have installed Filemaker Go, you can simply open the oCSL app on your iPhone / iPad.

Screen shorts


The condition is very simple.
When you register, your current championship dates are automatically loaded.
As soon as a championship is released a video symbol appears.
The video will be automatically recorded with your camera. Please make sure that everything is filmed cleanly when recording. The judges can only evaluate what can be clearly seen on the video.
The recording starts immediately! From here the time is also counted.
After the recording you have to send the video to and send it (a video upload button will appear).
If the video does not meet the requirements (e.g. if it took you too long to complete the process) it will be displayed automatically.


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Set of rules

Questions about the rules?
eMail rules@germancheeropen.de


Questions about registration?
eMail registration@germancheeropen.de

Online tool

Participant administration
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